KleanKraft LLC

Custom Requests

Every aircraft and aircraft owner has their own set of peculiarities - and we understand that. Whether it's specific compartment detailing, cup holder polishing, or side-wall stain removal our technicians are trained for every request you can throw their way. Simply let us know your specific requirements when booking the service and we'll get right on it. 


Last Minute Services

Landing at 10 p.m. and taking off early the next morning? No problem. We understand how hectic corporate flight schedules can be and our business is built around the concept of convenience for our clients. When scheduling your service you can set an exact time frame in which you'd like your aircraft to be cleaned and our technicians will be there morning or night.

Re-stocking Services 

One of the many benefits of flying private is the ability to have whichever drinks and snacks on board you choose - we can handle that for you. Our team will purchase all of the necessary supplies and re-stock your aircraft to your exact standards, making sure that your passengers are well taken care of on their next flight.