KleanKraft LLC

Full Exterior Cleaning

Routine exterior cleaning is an important factor in the longevity and safety of many parts to your aircraft, especially your paint. With this service your entire aircraft exterior will be cleaned with FAA and Boeing-Spec approved chemicals to ensure your aircraft is properly taken care of. Special attention will be paid to the landing gear and wheel wells as these areas are often overlooked. We recommend this service be provided monthly or quarterly depending on your flight schedule.


Bright-Work Polishing

The leading edges and turbine inlets are almost always the first section of your aircraft to be noticed. Aside from bringing a mirror-like shine to your metal surfaces, this service helps ensure you avoid major problems such as heavy corrosion, pitting, and deep scratches. Our technicians provide this service with a customized aviation grade drum buffer and industry leading safety standards. 

Exterior Wax & Polish

 Over time aircraft paint has a tendency to dull no matter how often it's cleaned. Routine cleaning will keep your paint clean, but to extend the life of your paint and keep it looking like new, a periodic wax & polish is recommended. This service is provided with aviation grade wax and is applied either by hand or via mechanical buffers. 

De-Ice Boot Refurb

 Flying takes a serious toll on the de-ice boots resulting in loss of shine, efficiency, and safety. Our signature de-ice boot refurbishment service begins by thoroughly cleaning the boots to remove any dirt, bugs, grease and debris. Next the boots are taped off and the old sealant is chemically removed, followed by 3-5 new coats of sealant to bring your de-ice boots back to life with a deep mirror shine.