KleanKraft LLC

General Interior Detailing

Our general interior detail service is performed with utmost attention to detail to ensure a clean and comfortable trip for your passengers. All wooden surfaces are polished, drawers and cabinets are cleaned out and re-organized, food and beverage areas are cleaned and disinfected, seats are wiped down, mirrors and windows cleaned, lavatory disinfected, all carpets vacuumed thoroughly and any carpet stains are spot treated. 


Carpet Extraction


Aircraft carpets take a beating in a short amount of time due to hyper concentrated traffic in the narrow aisles. Our 4 step carpet extraction service will remove deep stains and soils bringing your carpet back to a clean uniform state. We typically recommend this service to be provided on a quarterly basis. 

Leather Cleaning & Detailing

Aircraft leather requires proper cleaning in order to stay looking fresh and avoid fading, cracking, and tears. Our technicians provide safe and effective leather cleaning services to make sure your leather lives the long life it deserves. If your leather is in need of restoration or repair our approved third party leather repair specialists can bring your leather from worn and faded to a like new state.  

Cockpit Detail

Our technicians are highly trained to clean all areas of your aircrafts cockpit. With this service we will remove all dust from the panels, switches, and knobs in addition to cleaning the screens and visors, interior windscreens, pedals, and paneling.